A Recruiter’s Guide to Staff Retention

While getting the best candidate for the job is a success for recruitment, ensuring he or she stays with you long into the future is the gold standard. Staff retention is an important factor in the smooth running of businesses of all sizes. Regular vacancies affect operational efficiencies, result in time consuming and costly downtime, and come with opportunity and resource costs of training a new recruit or getting him or her up to speed. The following are a few staff retention tips, so you can work towards keeping your star employees.

  1. Every Day is Day One

First impressions count. Your application and recruitment process should be as seamless as possible for both you and your potential employees. Once you have hired the successful candidate, it is important to lay the groundwork for productivity from day one. Not only will this be good for business; the satisfaction of successful workdays serves as a great affirmation for employees. 

  1. Bring on the Benefits

Built-in employee benefits build meaningful employee loyalty. A benefits package is deeply attractive to new talent. It is also a valuable incentive for staff retention. By creating tiered benefits around longevity in the workplace, you are effectively rewarding great employees for long terms of service.

Make sure the monetary value of these benefits is clearly communicated to employees. This will give them a clear picture on how much they are really earning beyond their incomes. 

  1. Reward Excellence

Devise rewards for a job well done. Everyone wants the accolade of their employer’s approval. Unfortunately, good work is quickly absorbed by busy workdays and this means opportunities to reward excellence are often overlooked. Whether this is a simple thank you, employee of the month award, or internal rewards programme, there are many ways to celebrate the good work of your best staff – and keep them motivated and loyal into the long term. 

  1. Give Your Staff the Chance to Grow

Reaching the top of your game is great. Being pushed to take this to the next level keeps workdays stimulating and opens doors of opportunity for employees. By developing talent, you are not only serving your own business interests, you are investing in your people too. An increased skills set is an amazing incentive for dedicated workers and gives you the chance to grow together.

As an offshoot of this, the possibility of internal promotions is a source of workplace excitement and contributes to long-term motivation.  

  1. Re-Assess the 9 to 5

The traditional collective workspace and 9 to 5 schedule has been called into question for many people following the COVID-19 lockdowns. For many, this was proof that flexible workdays are possible. By offering staff a chance to telecommute or work flexible hours, you sow the seeds of workplace happiness. It is also an excellent acknowledgement of their lives outside of the office, helping them to achieve a balance. If this is attractive to you as an employer, make sure you take time to structure this clearly to avoid any labour-related issues or confusion down the line. 

  1. A Worker is as Good as His Tools

Faulty or unreliable equipment can be a major source of frustration for workers. If this creates a worry about workplace safety, this needs to be addressed immediately. By ensuring your team works with good tools, you give them the ability to do their jobs well, which affects overall workplace happiness. An investment in new technologies – and the skills to use these – is also a great way to attract talent and incentivise retention in the long term.

  1. Communicate and Collaborate

It is easy to become disheartened when communication breaks down in a business. Develop systems of communication to keep employees informed and engaged – key tools in the successful performance of any job. However this is achieved, keep in mind that collaborative projects are incredibly useful for developing team mentality and corporate culture. 

It All Starts With Recruiting the Best Candidate

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