Accountancy Placements changed my life when I had given up on life. They have given me back my life in ways that I would not have thought possible. Shandre had guided me from the very first call and not only up unto my interview but even after. I had been through other agency but have never been made to feel so positive. Even in our telephone conversations I was encouraged to stay positive and it was weird but dealing with her I felt a sense of caring and was actually made to feel like I am not just somebody looking for a job but treated equally and like a friend. I was never afraid to be honest and open as I was made to feel so comfortable and knew I would not be judged. So THANK YOU ACCOUNTANCY PLACEMENTS for changing not only my life but my family as well and you have given me back my life and restored my faith in humanity through your kindness, caring and going the extra mile for someone you didn’t even know.