Looking for staff? Look no further.


Accountancy Placements have the resources and expertise to identify exactly what your business needs. We then specialise in sourcing and recruiting the kind of quality applicants and prospective employees that you want. From small, entry-level jobs to excessive requirements – we will treat your vacancy with the same care and urgency to make sure your candidate is the perfect fit. Our proactive and creative consultants are regularly adding to our vast portfolio of high quality candidates.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Ethical business practice in line with the APSO Code of Conduct
  • Huge network of active job seekers at your fingertips
  • Thorough background, criminal, credit and qualifications check
  • Motivation for why we believe a candidate is suitable
  • Face to face interaction with our team, any time, anywhere
  • Full coordination of interviews between clients and candidates
  • Confidentiality and security in all processes
  • We will assist you no matter where you are!


We Will Help You Find The Best Candidates!

The perfect recruit is out there! Let us help you find them.